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With over 25 years of combined experience in the racing industry, we provide a subscription service that ensures long-term profitability to our clients. We have created and maintained our own speed-rating database for over 10 years that is used to support  horse-form analysis. What does that mean? More data, better insight and increased profitability.

What makes us unique?

The four foundations to The Stabler

Speed Ratings

The Stabler has developed its own speed ratings based on Nick Mordin's 'Mordin on Time'. Calculating horse form and aligning it with a tangible numerical number based on time, going & distance - a fundamental component to our success and longevity. 

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Team Resource

With a dynamic team located principally in the United Kingdom - Exeter, Bath & Hempstead Heath we are able to attend many of the UK horse meetings. We also supply speed ratings and equestrian services to Melbourne & Sydney, Australia. In fact, Australian racing is considered by us more reliable due to the consistency of the going!

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Dynamic Form

With over 25 years combined experience within the team at The Stabler, we assess the form book every day and ensure that every selection's odds is offset by the competitiveness of the field. Extremely competitive races combined with low laying odds is what The Stabler is all about and is our key ingredient. 

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Value Betting

With the team being around horses from an early age and engaged in horse-racing for many years we are able to identify great odds for a given selection. Between our range of odds-on selections to a maximum liability of 5/1 we effectively decrease our liability per bet.

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Our Services Include

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