About Us

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The Stabler fundamentally concentrates on highly competitive fields of horses at a given race. We ensure maximum profitability by closely monitoring the Exchanges prior to the race. These selections and updates are provided by a variety of media such as Text, Email, Social and your members account to ensure you are fully plugged in. 

A Systematic Approach

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Excellence and Professionalism

The Stabler has been providing selections to the local market of South Somerset & the South West of England for over 10 years. Ensuring long-term profitability takes a lot of discipline, understanding and patience. Something we take seriously in providing this service to our clients. 

Administered by Speed Ratings

We have maintained our Speed-Rating database for over 10 years that is originally based on Nick Mordin's 'Mordin on Time'. 

The ratings consider a range of dynamic information from distance covered, going, handicap(s), weight, draw and course. This has evolved into our standards that have also changed throughout the years. 

Understanding all the variables by a numerical calculation is then incorporated into the next race ensuring that the competition in that field is fierce enough to offset the laying liability. 


Man with Beard

Alistair Brookfield
Dorset, England

I've known Jim for 12 years in the local area of Dorset. He has continued to provide an ongoing profit for many years now that is largely attributed to the speed-rating database he has maintained. 

There have been some rocky months over the years but overall a profit has been achieved. Thanks Jim. 

Alistair Brookfield

Portrait of a Senior Man

Timothy Deadman
Rotherham, South Yorkshire

The Stabler has been a great subscription for me over the last few months. I met Jim on a racecourse at Goodwood last year and he gave me his business card to the service. After a brief short free trail i signed up and the team have managed to provide a profit over that term. There are periods of losses and losing streaks which is always concerning but generally we all come out on top. 

As the team mentions, the selection criteria at The Stabler is based on competition within the fields so losses and losing selections are expected from time-to-time. Thank you to everyone for your effort. 

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Caspian Levett
Warwick, England

I have followed The Stabler for about 18 months now. The best thing i like about Jim and the team apart from the selections is the responsiveness and communication in relation to the service. 

Upon signing up for the service, i received a communication pack that was a guide to betting and the restrictions around odds & selections on Betfair. As the team mentions, it's being disciplined and thinking long-term which is a hard habit for all of us. Thanks though team, keep up the good work. 

Essentially, anyone who gambles are statistically destined to lose money over the long-term. We will endure some losing months and quarters - that is inevitable.

However, winning over the long-term is what matters to us and our customers. 

We are able to achieve this through our four pillars of the selection process.

Jim O'Cathain

Horse Form Analyst - TheStabler