Results for 2019

Image by Whitney Combs

Leading Note

Please find below the results for 2019 with statistics for each individual month aswell as ongoing statistics overall to date. 

Overall Stats for TheStabler can be found on the primary results page here. 

Please note that this service also became Proofed in August 2020 and all results prior have NOT been Proofed by leading sites. We want to be very clear, upfront and honest with current and prospective members regarding this information.  

The Stabler Team

August 2019
£567 Profit
10/12 Correct Selection(s)
83% Strike Rate
July 2019
£1,575 Profit
22/24 Correct Selection(s)
92% Strike Rate
June 2019
£1,229 Profit
23/27 Correct Selection(s)
85% Strike Rate
May 2019
UK Horse Racing abandoned due to Covid-19
0 Selections
April 2019
UK Horse Racing abandoned due to Covid-19
0 Selections
March 2019
UK Horse Racing abandoned starting on March 18th 2020 due to Covid-19
$650 Profit
10/11 Correct Selection(s)
91% Strike Rate
February 2019
£912 Profit
17/21 Correct Selection(s)
81% Strike Rate
January 2019
£775 Profit
10/11 Correct Selection(s)
91% Strike Rate