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Anna-Bates Stewart


Anna grew up on a farm in Wells, England and has been involved in Equestrian activities since the age of 5. Anna has worked for a range of independent on-course book makers in her early twenties and continues her full time occupation in horse health and maintenance.


Anna provides full service to our customers via multiple social media channels, website and email. Handling all questions, subscriptions, payment, legal and communication Anna is an important component to our team and service. 

The Power of Teamwork & Collaboration

The Stabler provides selections based on our home-grown speed ratings, analysis of the form book and then ensuring what we perceive to be the percentage or probability of winning the race against the offered starting price of the prospective selection.

What we think contributes to our ongoing success more than anything else is our collaboration and teamwork. Although selections are provided predominantly by Jim, the ongoing maintenance of our speed-ratings continues to provide consistency to our results and customers. The work in maintaining accurate speed-ratings is quite extensive, analysing the racing-post, published times and observational comments regarding horse-form. 

It is this attention to detail through the collaboration of the team that continues to provide the ongoing service that we proudly call The Stabler.




























TheStabler consists of a team of three dedicated individuals that provide the Horse-form analysis, maintenance of our speed-rating database,  selections & service.

We are happy to be acquainted.  

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The Stabler Team


The team has a combined experience of over 25 years related to United Kingdom & Ireland Horse Racing. 

Jim has been operating for over 10 years and has been nicknamed 'The Stabler' by affiliates due to connections in industry and providing reliable tips.


We have been operating in the local area of the South-West for over 3 years and come online for 2020 opening our doors and expertise to the greater audience.


The Stabler runs as an cohesive unit - we have tried and tested results over the years and have actively joined available 'Proofing' sites to be no.1 moving forward. 


Jim O'Cathain

Head Form Analyst

Jim born and bred in Somerset, England has  worked extensively in the horse-racing industry working for leading bookmakers, creating and developing his own method of priced selections and speed ratings within the United Kingdom and Ireland. Jim is also a keen poker player and has attended some of the largest poker events on tour. 

Jim is the principal lead providing selections here at The Stabler. 

Lisa Randall

Speed-Rating Analyst

Lisa originally from Hampstead Heath, London has previously worked in roles as a business analyst and technical lead for leading engineering organisations in the United Kingdom. Lisa has been affiliated to horses since an early age and actively partakes in a range of equestrian services including horse training, horse health and professional services. 

Lisa actively maintains our speed-rating database on a daily basis and provides shortlisted selections based purely on previous timing(s).