The Stabler provides daily tips via multiple communication channels so you are always updated. Subscriptions are based on a monthly, seasonal or annual plan and can be monitored via your personal account. 

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What you receive with a subscription to The Stabler

Upon making payment via the website you will receive a confirmation email regarding your subscription and an invoice providing details of payment and expiration date of the service.


Upon receiving this, within 24 hours you will receive an introductory email with your login_account details to the website. This effectively grants you access to The Stabler's betting logic and reasoning behind why we are so strict laying at very particular odds. Further information to our betting system and value betting can be found here. This is an important document and must be adhered to. 

Jim, the principal form analyst at The Stabler is a professional poker player and for those of you that play understand the importance of pot odds, implied and reverse implied odds in determining a probable value bet, the same logic applies with our betting system.  If a horse's odds increases over our given odds before a customer can place a bet, then that bet must be voided. 

You will also receive additional communication as a member to The Stabler via e-mail (if you opted-in) with the information pack and a welcome note. 

This also entitles you to additional communication avenues to The Stabler team comprising of Jim, Anna and Lisa. 

How you will receive the selections

A monthly, seasonal or annual subscription entitles you to the same level of service regardless of the duration of the subscription. 

Selections are typically sent via text message, email, website blog & social media (preferences can be set via the account portal). 

Selections are sent between the hours of 6am - 11:30am on the same day of the race. It is at your discretion to place the bets in time and at the right laying odds upon receiving the selection. This a very important component to your long-term profitability and strict adherence to our rules is strongly advised. 

Each selection that you will receive has a note attached advising of preferable betting odds & maximum SP/liability on the Exchanges. 

These notes also provide a short synopsis of the field for the given upcoming race and reasoning behind the selection. We believe this is important for you as a customer to our service to understand before placing your own bets. 

It is highly recommended to place a bet as soon as possible upon receiving a selection. This grants you more flexibility in reviewing the exchanges at a later time and assessing market movements (whether is it positive or negative relevant to your bet). 

From time-to time, Non Runners are announced after our selections are provided via electronic communication. Certain horses that serve a very strong chance to win their race that are announced as Non-Runners significantly impacts the probability/value bet of our selections. In this instance, we may cancel a selection for the given day and you will be expected to do this at your discretion. At all times, we will endeavor to do this as soon as possible to give you ample time to cancel your bet (effectively by backing the same selection). Although this is not ideal and can provide complications at times, it is an inevitable part of Horse-Racing and The Stabler selection process. 

The process here at the Stabler as mentioned above is efficient and succinct - if there are any questions or queries in relation to the service or subscription then please contact Anna at

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